"We are convinced that the perception of digital tools in music learning must change, in order to bring musicians into a more efficient practice."
For each transaction of scores offered by Keels Publishing and its partner Professional Publishers, 8% will be deducted and donated to the Pierre Boutin Foundation.
The Pierre Boutin Foundation will give the opportunity to the most underprivileged children and teenagers to learn music, by donating scholarships, by providing or lending musical instruments and digital tools adapted to musical practice, and by organizing initiation, training and awareness workshops.
Musical practice with the help of digital tools will be emphasized. The goal isn't to replace the music teacher (which is impossible), but to educate about the advantages and disadvantages of these tools, so that musicians can know how to use these technologies freely and properly when they learn and practice.
The Pierre Boutin Foundation will build partnerships with a panel of the best NGOs in the field in order to have full efficiency in its action and to optimize its operating costs.