What is Keels?

Keels is the first marketplace of Tokenized Scores (NFTs). These NFTs can be simple sheet music, or their interactive versions (with an immersive musical accompaniment, so you don't have to play alone).

Who can use Keels?

Musicians from all around the world. Music is one of the few universal languages. Reading a score is the same from Bueno Aires to Paris and from New York to Beijing!

I'm a musician. Why should I use Keels?

For lots of reasons!
  • To step into the future of digital music and content access by taking part in the Web 3.0 and NFT revolution
  • To be able to play your favorite scores in immersion, accompanied by the best musicians and orchestras
  • To get away from paper, which is bulky, boring and bad for the environment
  • To contribute to a fairer system of remuneration for score creators, thanks to a secure redistribution of the rights without intermediaries
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