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What is the ecological impact of our product?

Keels and Sight-O will use the Near Protocol blockchain infrastructure.
Near is a blockchain that uses "Proof of Stake" technology, meaning that unlike the Bitcoin blockchain ("Proof of Work") it doesn't require a large number of machines to run the network.
Moreover, the Near Protocol blockchain is certified Carbon Neutral, which means that it commits to offset its carbon footprint through reforestation.
​Certified carbon neutral​
Blockchain and NFT technologies make it possible to create smart contracts allowing the designation of all the rights holders of a work for which a score has been written. Once this score in NFT form is acquired by a client, the rights holders automatically and immutably receive the amounts allocated to them, following the terms of the smart contract. And this occurs even if the score is then resold!
With this system, there are no more intermediaries between the rightful copyright owner of a score and its buyer. This is made possible by the reliability of the Blockchain technology.
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