What is Sight-O?

Sight-O is a platform for learning how to sight-read a score. Sight-reading is the act of instantly playing a score that you have never seen before, just by reading the score. It is an essential practice for musicians of all levels to be autonomous and able to explore one's favorite pieces with ease.
Sight-O will work in perfect symbiosis with Keels, thanks to a Learn2earn system where each exercise allows you to earn $KEELS, as well as an A.I. program that profiles the users' musical level (Babel). The two platforms will naturally bring users to each other, forming one of the first Learn2earn ecosystems.

What is the artificial intelligence program "Babel"?

"Babel" is an AI-based program developped by the Sight-O team to precisely establish the musical level of Sight-O users according to the exercises they've done on the platform. Thanks to this profiling as well as to the users' musical tastes, a selection of ultra adapted scores will be proposed. Users will then be directed to Keels to finalize their purchase.
Babel is currently being studied by the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) in order to provide a clear framework for processing user data. The program will also be open source and available to all.
It is scheduled to go into production in Q1 2023.
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