Keels began with a team of four music enthusiasts, including two former conservatory teachers, who together created a method for learning to read scores that is already used by thousands of musicians and conservatories: Sight-O. Their work has been rewarded with numerous prizes and several European and French grants.
Their goal in creating Sight-O was to make reading a score as easy as reading a book or a newspaper - even for beginner musicians! Let's break the myth that reading a score is only for elite musicians. Knowing how to read a score means being free to play any piece, anytime and with anyone!
As time went by, Sight-O users were making so much progress that they wanted to go further in their score experience, demanding the ability to go beyond the specific exercises proposed by the app. This is why we imagined Keels, a platform where scores would finally find their place in the digital world. It allows creators, publishers and musicians to monetize, distribute and play their scores, as well as access scores by the greatest artists of all times. All this, benefiting from the highest NFT and file authentication technologies.
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