Accelerating Adoption
The Keels team is doing and will do everything possible to reach the largest possible adoption of its platform. The world is only at the beginning of a massive adoption of Web3 technologies. Yet, they will be a full part of our future... a future much closer than we think.
The user experience will be designed for non-crypto-natives, with education at every level: from acquiring $KEELS to creating Tokenized Scores.
The creation of an account will be done via a solution that allows with a simple email address to create, in a few seconds, an account associated to a Near wallet. No knowledge in Web3 technologies will be required!
A very important part of our budget will be allocated to marketing and customer acquisition, whether conventional or more specific, with the creation of a growth hacking team.
Our goal is to achieve 500,000 active users on Keels by Q4 2024. This would make Keels the undisputed world leader.
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