Keels Economy
Each transaction on Keels will be charged a 6% fee, which will feed the Learn2earn treasury (2%), the staking pools (2%) and the Keels treasury (2%). The more flows there are, the more Keels' economy will be virtuous.
Keels Economy
In order to guarantee the virtuous circle of the Keels Economy, and help the historical actors of the music publishing industry transition to Web3, Professional Publishers will have the choice to allow or not the 2nd market on their Tokenized Scores.
In order to prioritize the sale of quality content on the 1st market, to limit speculation, but also to remunerate the content creators at their fair value, a fixed rate of 24% of royalties will be applied to each resale on the 2nd market. In addition to these royalties, there is a 6% fee for the platform.
Last modified 4mo ago
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