Learn2earn: A Virtuous Circle
Buying a score on Keels can only be done thanks to its utility token, the $KEELS.
This token will be acquired on centralized and decentralized exchange platforms, but also thanks to a Learn2earn logic through Keels' cousin application: Sight-O.
Sight-O is a training application designed specifically to learn to sight-read and read sheet music, created by the startup's co-founder, Pierre Boutin, and based on a technique he's been developping for 40 years. This educational platform, containing over 10,000 original scores, allows you to learn how to sight-read scores in an ultra progressive way thanks to the use of an animated "Mask". Sight-O also has a technology that allows users to be automatically corrected with their instrument by the audio recognition algorithm of the platform, thanks to the microphone of their smartphone, tablet or computer.
This correction system allows the app to establish a score and give rewards to the user.
After the redesign of Sight-O and for each exercise performed on the platform according to their score, users will earn rewards in $KEELS tokens. These $KEELS tokens can be traded directly on Keels for Tokenized Scores from Keels Publishing, Professional Publishers, or Content Creators. The $KEELS tokens earned will also be redeemable for other currencies on centralized or decentralized exchanges.
Keels users will be able to purchase $KEELS directly on the platform against other crypto-currencies and, in what we hope will be the near future, directly against Fiat currencies. This will have a strong impact on access to the platform for non-crypto-native people.

A virtuous circle


...will naturally lead its users to Keels (thanks to Babel AI-based algorithm) so that they can apply the concepts learned in its sight-reading method.


...the experience on Keels will be so stimulating that users will want to enjoy more scores by practicing more on Sight-O.
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A virtuous circle