Sheet Music and Music EdTech Industry

A $2 Billion Industry in the U.S alone

Sheet Music publishing

Based mostly on... Paper. Today, most of sheet music sold in the world is on paper. This poses three major problems:
  • The ecological impact
  • The user experience in the light of digital technology developments
  • A disorganized second-hand market
Today, only 20% of sheet music sold is in digital form.
Why? Because no digital offer fully guarantees the security of the chain of rights holders (publishers, composers, arrangers, lyricists, etc.). None of the existing platforms rely on blockchain technologies to guarantee authenticity and copyright.

Music EdTech

Music education is one of the last educational sectors to await its digital revolution. Classroom management systems, pedagogical content and platforms, notebooks, digitalization of music scores... Some specialists say that the covid crisis has made the industry gain 10 years in digital use.
Keels will aim to become the Wikipedia of sheet music for music schools around the world, which will be able to use the platform to acquire, organize, authenticate, secure and have their scores played by their students and teachers.
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A $2 Billion Industry in the U.S alone