Tokenized Smart Score

What is a Tokenized Smart Score?

Tokenized Smart Score allows the same features as the Tokenized Score, with a few more things:
  • The accompaniment is not virtual, but with real recorded musicians
  • This accompaniment is moreover adaptive to your interpretation and your level
Imagine playing a concerto, in your living room, accompanied by one of the best orchestras in the world? Imagine that they adapt to your level or your interpretation? Faster, slower...
You can modify parameters such as:
  • The pitch of the piece
  • Its tempo
  • And even its difficulty
On Keels, there are up to 3 levels of simplification for those who want to tackle difficult pieces without sweating over it.
Control the sound: Want to hear more violins? Turn up the violin. The flute sounds too loud? Turn it down.
Keels will guarantee an incomparable immersive experience to its users.
Initially, only Keels Publishing will be able to distribute Tokenized Smart Score on the platform.
Over time, professional publishers and finally content creators will also be able to offer it too.
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