Prints and Scarcity
On Keels, scores will be organized by Prints.
A Print will contain a single score in a certain amount of numbered copies.
Each Print of scores will be able to have a number of copies between 10 and 10,000.
Each score of each Print will be numbered, making it unique. A publisher on Keels may choose to reissue a Print of the same score if it's very successful. But the different versions of the Print will have a distinctive sign making each one unique and identifiable.
Example: Keels Publishing and/or the DAO decides to release "The Moonlight Sonata" by L.V. Beethoven. Keels Publishing will create for example, 1,000 copies of this score, each copy being numbered. These 1,000 copies represent a Print.
Through this process, we want to create rarity and value, where today's digital scores create none.
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