Sellers Types
Three types of sellers will be able to offer Tokenized Scores on Keels:

1/ Keels Publishing

Keels publishing will be the Tokenized Scores publishing company of Keels. It will offer premium content with a large majority of Tokenized Smart Scores, which will have an smart accompaniment of real recorded musicians. This means that Keels Publishing teams will edit scores and produce recordings.
One of Keels Publishing's missions will also be to negotiate the rights with rights holders, in order to allow Keels content creators to be able to distribute any kind of sheet music, without rights issues.

2/ Professional Publishers

Keels will allow Professional Publishers to sell their scores in tokenized form.
Thanks to Keels, publishers will be able to access blockchain technologies in a simple way without a dedicated consulting and technical team or without investing heavily in R&D.
A simple interface will allow them to offer Tokenized Scores and, later on, the creation of Tokenized Smart Scores. They will then be able to sell their catalog's scores on their dedicated space in Keels.
In order to benefit from the status of Professional Publisher, the applicants will have to complete a verification process.

3/ Content Creators

All music Content Creators are welcome on Keels.
Are you a musician, composer, singer? Keels will allow you to create your own sales space, your own tokenized scores and make them available to the public through collections. All this with a view to maximizing the value of your creation and therefore, your income.
In order to respect the rights holders, an automatic curation system will be implemented, to avoid that scores under copyright are sold illegally on the platform.
Initially, Content Creators will be able to:
  • Sell their own composition when they own the rights
  • Sell public domain scores that they have edited
See Curation for more information.
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