Uploading and Minting
The score uploading and minting process will be done via the following process:

Sellers / Creators

  • Import the files of the score (.xml, .mxl, .musicxml, .pdf)
  • Import the audio of the score (for tokenized smart scores only)
  • Score data entry (composer, editor, number of copies, release date,...)
  • Score customization (background, font,...)
  • Validation by seller, then:
    • Automatic Curation process
    • (if OK) Automatic assembly of files and creation of the score
  • Validation of the transaction by the seller in his wallet
  • Seller pays one time fixed $0.90 in $KEELS to authenticate the entire print via KeeeX​
  • Authentification process of the original score* and anchoring on Bitcoin blockchain via KeeeX​
  • The score appears truncated on the Keels market (only the first page, to keep its value safe)

Buyers / Players

  • Buyer wants this score and validates the transaction
  • Authentification process of the numbered score and anchoring on Bitcoin via KeeeX​
  • IPFS private storage (through a solution currently being selected)
  • Near Protocol NEP-171 NFT mint process with incorporation of data and hash from the Bitcoin KeeeX anchor
  • Creation of the tokenized score
*Authentication process of the original score, to time-stamp and protect the work and its creator.
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