KeeeX is an ultra-innovative solution that aims to authenticate and guarantee the non-modification of files by writing information in the metadata. This information can for example contain a license agreement with a publisher or a link to a specific file.
Imagine that your PDF file intrinsically contains all the terms and conditions of its operating license?
The slightest modification on the visible or invisible part of the file will be detected. A real innovation for the music publishing world by its practical and secure gain, at the service of Keels users. In addition to a deep work on metadata, KeeeX allows a time-stamping overlay thanks to a time server and a mutualized anchoring on the Bitcoin blockchain (via a Layer 2).
Thanks to a dedicated authenticity verification tool on Keels, you will be able to verify with a simple drag and drop that your files are authentic and have not been altered. You will also be able to check the proof of their existence on the Near Protocol and Bitcoin blockchains. All this in complete independence, without any third party or time limit.
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