KeeeX Appendix

KeeeX benefits for Keels users:

  • KeeeX technology makes files of any format self-supporting for their proof of integrity, origin, and includes a timestamp and Bitcoin anchor that can be accessed without time limit. Blockchain anchor certificates can even be sealed in the file metadata for complete independence.
  • Allows the injection of various information, copyright, rights attributed to acquirers, cryptographic links to other files, versions, tags, etc. This information is also secured by KeeeX protection.
  • Provides authors with the proof of prior art required to enforce their copyrights in the future without time limit.
  • Allows the NFT to be connected in a bi-directional tamper-proof way with the smart contract. The file designates in the most precise way the smart contract tracing its ownership: blockchain name, platform name, smart contract address, smart contract ABI. The smart contract uses as index the IDX (humanized and indexable hash) of the keeexed file, which allows a permanent access to this content via any service having indexed it (Like IPFS, because the IPFS id of the file can also be memorized by the smart contract).
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