Near Protocol

Why Near Protocol?

Keels and Sight-O platforms will run on the Near Protocol blockchain.
The choice of this infrastructure has been carefully thought through and selected by the team, as Near Protocol is so much in line with the famous blockchain trilemma (decentralization, scalability, security). This is thanks to the development of its Sharding technology, which allows performances to evolve over time according to the future needs of its infrastructure.
In addition to the high speed of transactions, their low cost (even in overload) as well as the high quality of the user experience (creating a wallet with a simple e-mail), Near is also announced by big names as the future star of Layer 1, often forecasted to reach the level of Ethereum in the coming years.
Finally, Near Protocol is a Carbon Neutral blockchain, thanks to the proof of stake consensus used by the protocol, but also thanks to actions to compensate for its carbon emissions through forest maintenance and reforestation.
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