The different files allowing the creation of a tokenized smart score will be stored in a decentralized way thanks to the IPFS protocol.


The InterPlanetary File System is a peer-to-peer protocol for the distribution of hypermedia addressable content.
The main implementation of IPFS is open source software run by the Protocol Labs Foundation. The IPFS protocol allows for the decentralized storage of data, making it uncensorable and accessible at any time and under any circumstances.
Thus, if Keels disappears tomorrow, users will still be able to access their scores.

Make scores private

One of the conditions for maintaining the value of a score, is that it be only access to its holder.
This is why we are currently in discussion with protocols, in order to find reliable ways to make the score private and accessibly only by its owner (thanks to the NFT of the score, contained in the owner's wallet). The score will be accessible only to the owner of its NFT, which will allow him to decode the raw and truncated data hosted by IPFS.